The Mideast Region acknowledges its members in many ways including scholarships and awards. The following is a list of available awards including a brief explanation of each. For full details and to apply, please click the link.

Mideast Region of the WOCN® Humanitarian WOC Nurse Award
Deadline: April 15

A humanitarian is someone who actively engages in promoting human welfare and/or social reform. A humanitarian’s goal is to save lives, relieve suffering and maintain human dignity. A Humanitarian WOC Nurse Award is given to recognize a WOC nurse who has dedicated his/her time and talent to helping people in need to improve the quality of their lives to meet their basic needs, provide nursing assistance, and/or education.

Mideast Region of the WOCN® Excellence in Writing Award
Deadline: April 15

The Excellence in Writing Award is designed to acknowledge scholarly writing by the members of the Mideast Region of the WOCN®. Award(s) will be awarded to the author(s) of a manuscript that makes a significant contribution to the sphere of WOC Nursing. The award(s) will be made at the Fall Conference for the region.

Mideast Region of the WOCN® Lifetime Achievement Award
Deadlines: April 15

This achievement award recognizes a WOC nurse who has worked at least 20 years and has demonstrated support of their professional colleagues while providing excellent patient care.

Mideast Region of the WOCN® Manufacturer’s Representative of the Year
Deadline: April 15

This representative has a territory within the MER. The individual promotes their company’s product(s) in a positive manner while demonstrating respect of the WOC nurse and their position within the facility.

Mideast Region of the WOCN® Poster Award
Deadline: April 15

The Mideast Region Poster Award will honor two (2) MER members who present posters at the WOCN® National Conference.  The award encourages and supports individual work exclusive of industry funding, assistance or support.

Mideast Region of the WOCN® Nurse Researcher Award
Deadline: April 15

The Mideast WOCN® Nurse Researcher Award will honor an individual or group who completed a nursing research study that focused on wound, ostomy, or continence care and disseminated the results through presentation or publication.

Mideast Region of the WOCN® WOC Nurse of the Year Award
Deadline: April 15

A MER WOC nurse shares knowledge by providing profession and community education via one on one education, seminars and symposiums. This individual actively promotes the growth and development of WOC Nursing by providing peer support, precepting and recruitment.

Mideast Region of the WOCN® Patient Educator of the Year Award
Deadline: April 15

A MER WOC nurse who develops and provides patient education would be a potential candidate for this award.

Mideast Region of the WOCN® Professional Educator of the Year
Deadline: April 15

An eligible candidate for this award is an active MER member who enhances professional education by development and presenting formal educational programs to other facilities in the community in an effort to advance the knowledge base of other caregivers.

Mideast Region of the WOCN® Shining Star of the Year Award
Deadline: April 15

WOC nursing graduate within last 24 months are recognized with this award for their early contributions to the specialty.