Mideast Chapter of the WOCN® Jeff Bish Scholarship Award

“Jeff Bish, Midwest Regional Sales Manager for EHOB, Inc. has exemplified all that is wonderful about supporting the WOC Nurses and their mission. As a mentor, Jeff works with high integrity, placing patient care first and presenting his products with clinical outcomes in mind. His professionalism in all aspects of business and his devotion to the WOC nurse community provide a model to be emulated by representatives who serve this dedicated group of nurses. I present this scholarship so that future WOC nurses will realize the personal dedication that their industry reps bring to this profession.”

– Kurt Vetters, EHOB, Inc.

Preference will be given to applicants who have not received a monetary award from the MEC in the last 3 years.

Award Amount: $500

Specific Requirements:

  1. Currently a licensed Registered Nurse.
  2. Hold a Baccalaureate degree.
  3. Work in an Acute Care Setting and a member of the MEC.
  4. Copy of a letter of acceptance from an accredited WOC Nursing Education Program showing evidence of current class enrollment.
  5. Essay (250-300 words) explaining how you plan to contribute to WOC nursing with this knowledge (submit as attachment).

Submit to MEC Director 2 by August 15. Award to be distributed at the MEC regional conference.

Online Application:

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