Past Award / Scholarship Recipients

2023 Awards:

  • Poster Award 2023: Shannon Riley Young, BSN, RN, CWON (For A Poster Presentation On Hospital Acquired Pressure Injury & Medical Device Related Pressure Injury: Decreasing Rates to Reduce Hospital Costs and Improve Patient Outcomes)
  • Shining Star Award – Laura Wallace

  • WOC Nurse of the Year – Eileen Blodgett

  • Advanced Practice Scholarship Recipients:
    Eileen Blodgett
    Tashia Watkins

2022 Awards:

  • Manufacturer’s Representative Of The Year: Kerri Gualtieri of Safe N Simple
  • Jeff Bish Scholarship 2022: Aundrea Summer Bertram
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 2022: Judy Mosier
  • MER Advanced Practice Scholarship 2022: Tashia Watkins
  • Professional Educator Award 2022: Dr. Barbara Pieper
  • Nurse Researcher Award 2022: Terri Beeson
  • Poster Award 2022: Ivy Razmus (For A Poster Presentation On Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Pressure Injury Prevention Practice: A Descriptive Study)
  • Poster Award 2022: Ivy Razmus (For A Poster Presentation On Pressure Points In Children: What’s The Difference? A Comparison Between Adults And Children On Different Support Surface Types)

2021 Awards:

  • Professional Educator Of The Year: Chizu Sakai Imoto
  • Patient Educator Of The Year: Linda Coulter
  • Manufacturer’s Representative: Gina Bazany
  • Poster Award: Maureen Rosette (“Successful Treatment Of Resistant Perineal HSV Infection with Aluminum Acetate”)

2020 Awards:

  • Life Time Achievement: Barbara Hocevar
  • WOC Nurse of the Year: Catherine Clarey Sanford
  • Rising Star: Deidre Arch
  • Manufacturer Representatives of the Year: Geralyn Lloyd Harrod (Coloplast), Frank Moroni (Hollister)
  • Patient Educator of the Year: Teresa Argento
  • Nurse Educator of the Year: Kate Zimnicki
  • Poster Award: Kate Zimnicki (“When pouching fails: Fat grafting as a strategy to improve Parastomal contours and appliance adherence.”) and Jodi Steinbrenner (“Accelerated Closer of Recalcitrant Wounds with Novel Bio-film Disrupting Gel: A Case Series”)
  • Jeff Bish Scholarship:
    Deidre Arch
    Michelle Woodall

2019 Awards:

  • Life Time Achievement: Lisa Kirk
  • WOC Nurse of the Year: Coleen Potts
  • Rising Star: Cortney Waters
  • Humanitarian: Beth Fangman
  • Patient Educator of the Year: Michele Kessie
  • Nurse Educator of the Year: Dr. Joyce Pittman
  • Jeff Bish Scholarship: Cortney Waters

2018 Awards:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Mary A. Gerlach
  • WOC Nurse of the Year: Marilyn Barr
  • Patient Educator of the Year: Becky Smith
  • Manufacturer Representative of the Year: Michael Cahoon
  • Professional Educator of the Year: Judith Landis-Erdman
  • Humanitarian of the Year: Meghan Smith

2018 Poster Awards:

  • Katherine Zimnicki – “Quality Project: Baccalaureate Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Knowledge, Skill
    Experiences and Confidence in Ostomy Care”
  • Carmen Davis – “Reducing Pressure Injury: An Effective Approach to Manual Prone Positioning in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)”

2017 Awards:

  • Manufacturer’s Representative of the Year: Caitlan Mikula, Hollister
  • Professional Educator of the Year: Lisa Leighton RN, CWCN, NE-BC, CMSRN, CCRN
  • Shining Star of the Year: Tracy Swift CPN, CWON

2017 Poster Awards:

  • Lisa Berning
  • Maureen Rosette

2017 Scholarship Recipients:

  • MER Scholarship
    Debra Crawford, MSN, RN, BA, CWOCN, CFCN
  • Jeff Bish Scholarship
    Sandy Basch BSN, RN
  • WOCNEP Scholarship
    Jenna Wilkening RN, BSN,CMSRN


2016 Fall Awards:

  • WOC Nurse of the Year: Kathy Herman, MS, RN, ANP-BC, CWOCN
  • Lifetime Achievement: Joan Van Heck, BSN, RN, CWOCN
  • Manufacturer of the Year: Joe Shand
  • Shining Star of the Year: Fabiola Jimenez BSN, RN, CWOCN

2016 Poster Awards:

  • Honey Lynn Lerais
  • Jane Theriault

2016 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Jeff Bish Scholarship
    Lyndia Coucil
  • Advanced Practice Scholarship
    Jennifer Turner, RN, BSN, CWON

2015 Fall Awards:

  • Manufacturer of the Year Award: Ryan Kenny from Molnlycke
  • Excellence in Writing award: “Colostomy Irrigation and Quality of Life” by Mary Arnold-Long, Carole Bauer, & Dea Kent
  • WOC Nurse of the Year: Marilyn Whitehead

2015 Poster Awards:

  • Maureen Rosette
  • R. Hinshaw

2015 WOCNEP Scholarship Recipients:

  • Cindy Schies
  • Paula Nowling
  • Alexi Pflager

2014 Awards:

  • Jeff Bish WOC Nursing Scholarship Award: Timothy Luttrell
  • Manufacturer’s Representative of the Year: Ryan Kenny with Molnlycke
  • Nurse Researcher of the Year: Dr. Joyce Pittman
  • Shining Star of the Year: Monica Davis
  • Advanced Practice Scholarship Award: Rachel Hinshaw and Deborah Kleissler
  • MER WOC Nurse of Year: Kate Zimnicki