March 2019 WOCN Public Policy Report

The WOCN Public Policy and Advocacy team is working has narrowed down focus on three projects in
hopes of coordination and cohesiveness of regional and national WOCN affiliates. The projects have
been subdivided amongst three teams the focus is: public policy and advocacy survey, update the
grassroots tool kit (currently available on the national WOCN website) and Regional and Affiliate Public
Policy and Advocacy job descriptions.

While there has not been recent legislation directly related to Wound, Ostomy and Continence care; the
following could certainly have an impact:

S 296: Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act of 2019 – if passed this bill would allow Medicare
payment for home health care ordered by nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, physician
assistants and certified nurse midwives. Currently, only physicians can order home health care. This bill
is currently awaiting committee assignment.

A simple resolution was declared March 12 making March 2019 “National Colorectal Cancer Awareness

H.R. 525: Strengthening the Health Care Fraud Prevention Task Force Act of 2019. This act essentially
establishes a private-public partnership by contracting a third party to facilitate data sharing across
federal, state and private health care plans for the purposes of detecting fraud, abuse and waste.

T. Ellen Woodcock RN BSN CWON
MER WOCN Governmental Affairs