Maureen Rosette
Director #1

Mideast Chapter members all do great things every day to impact patient care while maximizing patient’s outcomes. The Board decided to highlight a member in each newsletter to share with us tips and words of inspiration they have acquired in their role as a WOC Nurse. We decided that our Mideast Chapter WOCN Fellows should be the first members we highlight. We hope you enjoy these highlights and words of inspiration from our MEC WOC Stars!


Barbara Ann Pieper, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, CWOCN, FAAN, WOCNF

How would you inspire WOC nurses to achieve some of the goals that you have achieved?

I would encourage WOC nurses to follow their dreams! Think positive; goals can be accomplished. Look at what needs to be done to reach your goals. These criteria are often part of an institution’s or organization’s objectives. For the fellowship program, read the application thoroughly as it states on what criteria one is judged. The application is well-delineated and outlines what needs to be accomplished. A global criterion is to obtain one’s WOC nurse

Volunteering is important. The WOCN Society is always looking for volunteers. Which position fits you? What impact can you make as a volunteer?

Scholarship is a crucial part of growth as a leader. What have you done in terms of presentations, publications, research/evidenced based practice, etc.? Share your scholarship by submitting an abstract to a conference. Its acceptance may allow you to present an oral or a poster presentation.

Welcome a mentor. A mentor may give advice that is not easy to hear, yet critical to your growth and development. A mentor may help you to focus and see accomplishments in your work. Plan to continuously progress forward. Do not stop! Goal achievement takes time, and you can do it!