Are you looking to advance your career or perhaps you wish to learn something new? As a member of the Mideast Region (MER) of the WOCN® Society, you have a ready and waiting opportunity to get involved to learn more about nursing leadership. You will have opportunities to be mentored, make decisions and effect positive changes in the health care community for our specific wound, ostomy, continence patient needs. Involvement in the board is one way you can learn to lead and develop

As the leader of the Mideast Region, I encourage you to run for a board position to help shape the region to make decisions to face the unique challenges of the future. Your talent and creative thought is needed now more than ever as we look ahead to 2022. It takes compassion, honesty, a strong initiative to help others, and the ability to handle stressful situations. We are stewards of the MER resources and take this very seriously. It also helps if you are a big picture thinker. The good news is you are not alone in your position but supported by a great team of leaders currently on the board who will assist and
guide you.

My challenge to you is to think imaginatively. How do you see yourself learning and growing in the future? With the servant leadership model adopted by your leaders and our leaders, a desire to serve is where leading starts. Then a conscious choice brings one to desire to lead. Does that describe you or someone you aspire to be? If so, please nominate yourself for one of our open positions on the board. Or watch our newsletter for opportunities to join a committee, assist to work on a need, or aid in
assisting on a project for the MER.

Click here to fill out your nomination via our online form!

Kind regards,
Deb Crawford
President Mideast Region of the WOCN® Society