September 2021 happened quickly, and our conference is behind us successfully thanks to the hard work of those on the Centralized Conference Planning Committee (CCPC) and the Mideast Region (MER) board along with the commitment of the vendors and passionate attendees! As we move through November, please note, our work is not done as we continue to review and make decisions for the future.

For those unable to attend the successful live conference, you will have the opportunity to access the sessions and obtain contact hours for a fee. Grant funding has assisted to make this possible with enduring education for all in our membership whether able to attend in person or not. Our conference planner, Linda Stricker will be working diligently to make this accessible to all interested members starting in January 2022 (we will send an email when registration is open!).

An Invitation to Share Your Feedback! What Do You Want Us To Work On?

Our core purpose is to advance the practice of wound, ostomy, and continence nursing. As your board President, I take this seriously and during the ongoing Covid Pandemic, we are reviewing all things done in the MER and how we can advance our practices in these challenging times. Each one of us need encouragement to stay the course as nurses or take a much-needed respite to give us the rest and peace of mind needed to continue a healthy path for us, and our families, and the future.

The board is currently surrounded with opportunities to be innovative, reviewing how things were done in past, and how we can focus on doing it better and less taxing to those doing the legwork. To evaluate this thoroughly, we are listening to you our fellow members. Giving you the opportunity to express what you need and want also encourages us to understand and reflect on what we have heard. Being mindfully present, actively listening is a trait we are all learning as servant leaders. Please click here to send an email to share your ideas, concerns, suggestions, or questions and know we look forward to hearing from you.

As your board, we desire to invest in you. We believe in you and want to see you grow as leaders as well. Please consider how this might happen and consider who you desire to be in the days ahead. Do you see yourself as a leader? If so, please share your thoughts with us and consider how you might serve.

Deb Crawford
President Mideast Region of the WOCN® Society