As we close the 2021 year, we have so much to be thankful for and look forward to in the new year. My personal motto is to “choose joy” and share what is positive and look forward to what is possible. While many sad things occurred this past year due to Covid and other losses, we had many successes within our Mideast Region. Individually we may not remember all the things that built up to teams of people doing great things in our region. For example, we were able to have an exceptional fall conference earning funds for the future and sharing education in our five states. We had significant grant support to ensure those who did not attend the conference can still get contact hours in the future (the countdown is on!). And we provided support to those in other countries ( by collecting donated supplies.

Each month I plan to share more (find all the WOC On! posts here) about our servant leadership model. Today I want to briefly address foresight. What does it mean to look forward, into the future, and how does what we do today impact our future? We need to look at how our actions as board or members in the past, or currently today, can meaningfully influence choices in the future. Have you looked at nursing trends? Covid certainly was a disruptor to all. Is it possible that we could have predicted a pandemic? Using foresight helps us as leaders to identify critical weaknesses in the present and future. Foresight encourages change to improve our performance in the future. As we get better at this we should better understand the past.

With foresight, the MER board is making plans for the next five years. We have completed a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of our current state and are looking to prepare for the future. To build foresight we must think hypothetically, make small predictions, and perhaps play devil’s advocate. Foresight is critical to success. If you have questions about this or would like to be involved in serving, please send us an email.

Looking forward to joy and being successful with you,

President MER of the WOCN® Society