Government Affairs Committee
Anne Carl BSN, CWON

Medicare Competitive Bidding Program

Ostomy and Urological supplies included in competitive bidding program for FY 2017 Obama budget. The WOCN® is concerned about the inclusion of the urological and ostomy supplies due to the individualized nature of use. If the patient is not given a choice in the product selection complication can result. The WOCN® has written a letter to congress expressing concern over urology and ostomy supplies being included in the program. The UOAA has also sent a letter to congress. To find out more information about competitive bidding please click the links below:

Lymphedema Treatment Act Update

The lymphedema act (H. R. Bill 1608) now has a sister bill in the Senate (S. 2373). The act would provide Medicare coverage for lymphedema care including compression therapy. The act is endorsed by the American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, and American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to name a few. The WOCN® supports the legislation. To find out more information please see the link below.

With both of these important issues please consider contacting your congress member to present your opinion and show support for improved patient care. Find your legislative member here:

AHQR’s On-time Pressure Ulcer Training

The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHQR) is offering a new program to the skilled nursing home setting that focuses on the accurate documentation of pressure ulcers. The program called On Time Pressure Ulcer Healing uses a unique assessment tool that provides a systematic way to assess residents with pressure ulcers. The AHQR provides implementation and training materials for skilled and unskilled staff members. For more information please see the link below.