Prior Authorization Required for Pressure Reduction Support Surfaces 

Effective October 21, 2019 nationwide a prior authorization is required for pressure reduction support surfaces. It is important for WOC nurses to understand the process and share the information to help patients get the DME products they need for their condition. 

If you have feedback or have witnessed concern with this policy, Kate Lawrence, the WOCN Society Public Policy Coordinator or Chris Rorick, the WOCN Society Public Policy Coordinator, would like to hear from you:

For more information about this policy and FAQ, follow this link:

Medicare Fistula Coverage 

WOCN members are concerned about the lack of availability of supplies for patients with fistulas: products for spontaneous fistulas are not covered; there is only one product that is covered despite the variation in fistula sizes and locations. 

WOCN has prepared a white paper. To review this white paper, follow this link: